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Fisher FIELDVUE DLC3100 Digital Level Controller

With hart communication protocol
Sensors that can be mounted on fisher249 or without an external buoy
Output signal: 4-20mA, positive and negative action, high and low alarm
It can be used in applications where there is strong vibration, severe corrosion or material entrainment.
Meters with connectionless, contactless feedback technology have been added

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Fisher FIELDVUE DLC3010 Digital Level Controller

Area classification: intrinsically safe, explosion-proof, dust-proof, fire-proof, non-flammable, N-type
Data interface: wired
Power supply: Loop power supply (two-wire system)
Process control: Liquid level

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Fisher 2500 Pneumatic Level Controller

Simple structure and durability
The size of the container required for stable control is smaller
Very sensitive to small changes

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Fisher 4195K Gauge Pressure Indicating Controller

Easy to adjust
Easy to maintain
Vibration resistance
High display visibility
Low air consumption

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