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Rosemount™ 65 RTD Temperature Sensor

Adaptable sensors withstand high vibration industry applications
The DIN sensor connector allows for quick connection and replacement
Measuring Instrument Instruction (MID) calibration options are suitable for trade handover applications
Hazardous site certification meets local needs

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Rosemount 214C RTD Temperature Sensor |

Includes spring-loaded or compact spring-loaded mounting styles for adaptability
Thin film sensor engineered to withstand high vibration industrial applications
Wire-wound design for applications requiring high accuracy, dual-elements and/or are subjected to high temperatures
Single or dual element Pt-100 RTD with thin-film or wire-wound designs meets various application requirements

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Rosemount 3500P/3500VP PERpH-X High Performance pH/ORP Sensors

SMART enabled for pH measurements
Fast, accurate, and stable measurement
Rebuildable design allows sensor use in applications of elevated temperatures, fouling, coating and poisoning

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Rosemount 3900 General Purpose pH/ORP Sensor with Variopol (VP) Connection

SMART enabled for pH measurements
Built-in solution ground for advanced diagnostics
Operates in sub-zero temperatures down to -10°C (14°F)
Enhanced performance and increased life with cracking resistant glass

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Rosemount 499ACL Chlorine Sensor

Measure free chlorine without sample pre -processing
No messy and expensive reagents need
Automatic school correction to at least pH 9.5
Easy to replace the membrane; no tools need

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Rosemount 8705 Flanged Magnetic Flow Meter Sensors

Welded, sealed coil housing
39.37 ft/s (12 m/s) upper range limit
Pulsed DC coil drive power
Standard process design

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